Top 10 Tallest Marvel Characters

The incredible characters of the Marvel series are all about extremities. You will either find characters that are extremely good or others that are extremely bad. Among them, a bunch of characters are also extremely tall and even though this doesn’t exactly reflect on their power, it does add to their size and popularity.

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Until now, many fans naturally presumed that Thanos was the tallest of the lot. This was quite credible given his size and power. Sadly enough, even at 8’3 Thanos is not the tallest marvel character you’ve seen. So, who is it? And who are the top 10 tallest Marvel characters? Let’s dig deeper.

10. Rahne Sinclair (10 ft)

Rahne stands out as a leading mutant with multiple mutant powers that enable her to quickly switch to the appearance of a wolf as and when needed. She can also switch to other transitional forms that combine human aspects along with lupine elements.

Rahne can enhance her shape, size, appearance, structure, power, senses, fangs, claws, healing abilities, and vision among others. At 10 ft, she stands out with her incredible power and super-fast transformative abilities.

9. Dragon Man (15 ft)

Standing at a height of 15 ft, this man doesn’t just possess’ an extreme amount of strength but also multiple superhuman prowess that keep him standing out. Usually, it is believed that the man can lift around 100 tons.

The tail of Dragon Man itself is 7 feet starting from the base and going right up to the tip. The best part: he can whip this tail 130 ft every second. This way, there’s enough force to get rid of a wall (three-foot thick). Additionally, he can also topple large and thick trucks.

8. Bushmaster (18 ft 6 inches)

Bushmaster was born Quincy McIver in the humble corners of the Caribbean island. Unfortunately, he survived a tragic accident where he lost his arms as well as legs. Following this incident, he was provided bionic arms from the Roxxon Oil company.

The lower part of his body, on the other hand, was replaced with a snake-like structure. Given this new appearance, he also assumed a height of 18 feet 6 inches, and thereon he was known as the Bushmaster.

7. Grotto (25 feet)

During the 1950s, the devious leader Kro misappropriated a Soviet soldier’s identity and performed multiple dangerous nuclear operations in a desert across Kenya. Owing to the radiation of those tests, an ant was mutated. Over time, this ant assumed greater size and higher strength.

Its intellectual prowess increased and was just as powerful as a human. Going by the name Grotto, this creature stood at a lofty height of 25 feet.

6. Chtylok (25 feet)

Several decades earlier, the Savage land was inhabited by a group called the Fall People. The same group tried to survive in the fully frozen region in their quest for new land. After reaching their destination, the group was attacked by a fiendish creature called the Chtylok.

This had caused the Fall group to retreat their steps as the majority of their tribe was damaged by the monster. The group thus deemed it as a sign from the universe that they shouldn’t leave the spot and because of Chtylok’s lofty height and incredible might, they started worshipping him.

5. Galactus (28 feet 9 inches)

Galactus is the only one to survive the infamous incarnation (sixth) of the Multiverse. During inception, he appeared like a tiny humanoid called Galan. He was known to be born in the preceding incarnation of the earth where he was an inhabitant of the Taa planet. But this was soon followed by a renewal cycle in the multiverse because of which the planet collapsed.

Regardless, Galactus stands decently tall at an average height of 28’9. In some scenarios, he might also expand the size.

4. Black Dragon (100 ft)

Also touted as the Chiantang, Black Dragon happens to be the sibling of the iconic Dragon King. Standing at a height of a whopping 100 ft, he is a dragon that can fly. But despite this prowess, you will often find the Black Dragon appearing as a human. The black Dragon can successfully cast several powerful spells and when enraged, he also killed thousands of inhabitants of K’un-Lun. His rule is marked by terror and atrocities, and he was defeated on multiple accounts with the Dragonslayer.

3. Surtur (1000 ft)

Also known as the fire giant, Surtur was originally found in Muspelheim, which is a plane with multiple dimensions. He served as the primary enemy of Odin, the ruler of Asgardia, and his infamous son, Thor. Because he was elder than the father-son duo, Surtur possessed more power and was constantly under the threat of being imprisoned. As evident from the name, Surtur is a blazing ball of fire and he is susceptible to extreme levels of cold.

2. Ymir (1000 ft)

Just standing behind Nezarr, we have Ymir who first joined the Marvel Universe as a member of the Ten Realms. He was extremely powerful as an Ice Giant standing at a height of 1,000 ft. At the time of inception, he was fully clad in snow and fragments of ice.

The biggest power of Ymir is the fact that he comes with incredible strength that no other Ice giant possesses. He has an excellent life span and is also believed to be immortal by many. Even though his body is not susceptible to fire, it is highly susceptible to any form of damage or injury.

1. Nezarr (2000 ft)

Nezarr stands at an impressive height of 2,000 feet and you will typically find him donning royal blue armor. If you don’t know who Nezarr is, you would probably better remember him as the guy who joined the Celestials when they visited earth.

He was the final and fourth host of the group and was first spotted in the Soviet Union. Luckily, Nezarr fought through all adversities in the Union by creating a unique illusion in people’s minds.

Nezarr is decently powerful. He can control the cosmic energy with an unknown upper threshold. He is also susceptible to strikes from any nuclear weapon.