Top 20 Tallest Anime Characters of All Time

Anime has become one of the most enjoyed and watched forms of entertainment over the past decades, and there’s so much knowledge to be absorbed. How about knowing who the top 20 tallest anime characters of all time are?

Just imagine yourself alongside these fabled anime heroes, and even some mischievous foes! You can use the age-old boredom slayer of daydreaming or use online tools to actually see yourself standing next to these legends, and even the classic pen and paper can bring your imagination to life through drawing.

There’re worlds upon worlds of anime life to see and explore, let’s go get our minds blown and see the tallest anime characters of all time!

20. Durarara!! – Shizuo Heiwajima 6’1”

Shizuo Heiwajima may appear to be a brutal hot head, and perhaps sometimes his anger gets the best of him, but he is rather quiet most of the time. This tall glass of complicated water is known to be the strongest fella in Ikebukuro.

19. Bleach – Isane Kotetsu 6’1.5”

Isane Kotetsu is a fierce yet timid character and is fairly tall. So tall in fact, she despises it, and once attempted to stop sleeping after she learned that sleeping helps children grow.

When she’s not beating up enemies, she loves spending time with her beloved sister. And did you know her favorite food is porridge?

18. Prince of Tennis – Tetsu Ishida 6’2”

As you may have deduced from the title of the series, if you haven’t seen it yet, Tetsu Ishida is a tennis player. And a tall one at that!

Determined, talented, and humble, Tetsu loves tennis and plays for the Fudomine team at Fudomine Middle School.

He and his fellow team members have started from the bottom, their talents going unnoticed even by the arrogant tennis coach. They must work even harder to get their team to Nationals, even at the risk of Tetsu hurting his playing arm even more than it already is.

17. Kuroko no Basuke – Kazuya Hara 6’2”

The series name Kuroko no Basuke translates in English to Kuroko’s Basketball; this basketball anime series is sure to feature some tall characters, let’s checkout Kazuya Hara.

This class clown, or shall we say court clown, is player #10, a forward on the Kirisaki Daiichi High basketball team.

When he’s not making jokes on the court at the expense of his opponents and even his fellow teammates, he is known for playing a bit foully out of the referee’s eyeline.

But hey, he’s not just all about nets and hook-shots, Kirisaki also loves to play the drums, he excels at his Ancient Literature class, and his favorite food is mint gum. Looks like he has a low calory diet.

16. Vampire Knight – Akatsuki Kain 6’2”

Although he’s received the nickname Wild this aristocratic vampire is ironically quite chill. Atatsuki Kain a sensitive empath type so is incredibly loyal to those lucky enough to be close to him. He is especially protective and loving of Ruka Souen a fellow student of the Night Class.

Atatsuki is protector of the Day Class students and has the amazing ability to not only heal incredibly fast, but also to conjure and be able to tame fire.

15. Aoharu x Kikanjuu – Takatora Fujimoto 6’2”

Known as Fujimon, Takatora Fujimoto also gained the nickname Assault Destroyer for his exceptional shooting skills against his enemies. In fact, his weapon, a M134 Minigun, is so powerful that it allegedly destroys a foe before they can even feel pain. Apparently, it can fire up to 2,000-6,000 rounds per minute. Isn’t that insane?!

When Fujimon is not on the battlefield or in a survival game, he is a student doctor who prefers adorable things over ghostly matters and has quite the skill in sweets making.

14. Naruto – Jiraiya 6’3”

Jiraiya is the godfather and teacher of Naruto Uzumaki in the anime series Naruto. Extraordinarily skilled in the art of ninja skills, and an author of novels recording his learned knowledge, he may sound like a stern bookworm on paper, but he is a jokester and a bit of a peeping tom. In one incident as he was caught in the act, the violated woman broke both his arms and did a large amount of damage on his ribs and organs.

With that being said, he is also considered one of the greatest ninjas of his generation. He wears strength, resilience, power, humor, and unappealing perverted tendencies, all on his sleeve.

13. Hunter x Hunter – Leorio Paradinight 6’4”

With first impressions Leorio Pardainight comes off as a bit full of himself and quite materialistically rude, but once you get to know him, you’ll find that deep in his heart is a passion for medicine and helping the less fortunate.

The passionate path to become a doctor stems from the tragic loss of a childhood friend who passed away from a terrible illness. Leorio could no save his friend, and so he has joined the Hunter Exams in aspirations to have enough wealth to become a doctor and give medicine to those who need it.

12. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Joseph – Joestar 6’5”

Joseph Joestar is the 2nd JoJo in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series. This tall Libra ranks #12 on our list and #2 on the most reoccurring JoJo’s in the series.

Joseph has the ripple ability, which is an energy power much like the sun’s rays. It can be used for healing, and or as a weapon against vampires or zombies. Even with this amazing gift, he is hardly a fan of breaking a sweat over work, and very much likes to goof around. This JoJo has an amazingly extensive history, and goodness is he tall!

11. Made in the Abyss – Ozen 6’5”

You’d probably have to strain your neck to look up into the pitch-black eyes of Ozen, but perhaps you wouldn’t want to challenge eye contact with her in the first place. With the exception of a few characters, she is particularly heartless in most cases and unconcerned with the feelings of others.

An incredibly interesting detail about her is that she bares inside her 120 Thousand-Men pins. Each of these artifact pins awards its beholder with the strength of a thousand men, hence the name.

Someone ought to think twice before encountering this super-strength character!

10. Bleach – Kenpachi Zaraki 6’7.5”

Kenpachi Zaraki, the captain of the 11th division in Gotei 13 in the anime series Bleach. He has come a long way as he used to be a nameless dweller of the streets in an extremely poor district.

This guy lives for the thrill and adrenaline of the fight but upholds a great respect for it. Although he can be intensely ruthless, he does have a history of showing mercy to select opponents when it is warranted.

Despite all of that aggression, Kenpachi never turns down a nice afternoon nap and prioritizes his fun above work.

9. Seven Deadly Sins – Ban 6’11”

Depicted as the sin of greed, Ban is a king, father, and husband. He has his many moments of selfishness, but every once in awhile there are sparks of generosity that light up in him.

Ban also has some mischievous skills, such as snatch. This is the ability to essentially take an opponent’s abilities, stamina, and strength, and or halt the effectiveness of the weapons they may have and their physical attacking motion.

With him he has 2 weapons, a three-section staff that he uses very much in battle and preforming snatch attacks. The other weapon is a coursechouse, which he had stolen. This tool gives him the capability to attack from any angle, even from very far away.

8. Dragon Ball Z – Cell 7’

Created from the genetics of the greatest fighters on planet Earth, it’s no wonder where his catchy name of Cell comes from. After multiple stages of evolution, from absorbing the DNA of the best fighters, his ultimate personality is not one you’d want to hangout with. Majority of Cell’s screentime, he is a narcissistic, exceedingly mean, arrogant, and cruel ball of perfection fighter energy.

In the words of Cell himself, “You fool! Don’t you realize yet you’re up against the perfect weapon?!”

7. Fullmetal Alchemist – Alphonse Elric 7’2”

Alphonse Elric, otherwise known as Al, has a soft spot for the ladies, cats, and his brother Edward whom he has a very close bond with. He was unfortunately involved in a failed experiment of human transmutation and now his soul remains tied to a metal persona.

This hasn’t stopped his determined spirit though, as he and his brother, also fatally wounded by the experiment, travel far in hopes of discovering the Philosopher’s Stone. With this epic stone, they can hopefully return back to their normal bodies.

6. My Hero Academia – All Might 7’2.5”

With a past title of world’s greatest hero, there’s gotta be some truth behind that. All Might, or also known by his birth name Toshinori Yagi, was the world’s symbol of peace and never failing to smile to his adoring fans and swoop in to rescue citizens in danger. Alas when in his true form as Toshinori he is quite the opposite, not wanting too much attention and teaching at U.A. High School.

There is a big history of battles, events, and knowledge to be gained in All Might/ Toshinori Yagi’s character story.

5. Dragon Ball Z – Super Buu 8’

Now this guy, is quite the trip. Meet Super Buu, or Majin Buu, the aftermath form of a Majin after the Evil Buu ate a chocolate formed Good Buu. I told ya it was going to be a bit trippy.

This crazy-eyed evildoer has a seemingly immeasurable power, Ki blast and sense, the ability to absorb others, and tons more. To put it short and not so sweet he refers to himself as the terror of the universe.

But hey, he’s not all bad, he’s been known to express that his favorite flavors of candy are coffee and chocolate. Alright, that doesn’t exactly make up for his horrific behavior, but it is a fan random piece of trivia!

4. Kill la Kill – Ira Gamagoon 8’8”

An extreme devotee of the Elite Four and a member of the Disciplinary Committee chair, Ira Gamagoon is huge in size and a big stickler for rules and structure. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy, making sure that everyone, especially the students, are following the rules and behaving themselves.

Next to his incredible height he also has an extreme amount of superhuman strength. He has no patience for people who disregard the law. Ira is also the tallest character within the Kill la Kill anime series.

3. Seven Deadly Sins – Escanor 5’5”-10’8”

Our 3rd listing from the Seven Deadly Sins series, we have the representation of Pride, Escanor. Not only is he formally known as the 2nd prince of the Castellio Kingdom, but he is also well known to be the strongest holy knight.

In Escanor’s ownership is the Divine Axe by the name of Rhitta which is a sacred tressure. It harnesses the ultimate force called sunshine; this power gifts him with an insane amount of strength and ability during the light hours of the day, but as the day dissolves as does his strength. By nightfall he is quite weak, this is the explanation for the fluctuation in his height listing.

2. One Piece – Edward Newgate 21’10”

Standing at a whopping 21 feet and 10 inches tall is whitebeard himself, Edward Newgate Captain of the whitebeard pirates. He’s very much well known for being the strongest man in the world, and with his muscles for days he also has moments of having a large heart.

For example, in his early days of existence he grew up as an orphan, which lead him to the great wish of having a family of his own that he was proud to bare on his sleeve even amongst his pirate community. He eventually got his wish, as he opened his arms to a number of foster children aboard his ship.

With age and the successful pirating achievements, he grew quite the ego and became a courageous spirit.

1. Seven Deadly Sins – Diane 30’

Seven Deadly Sins Diane vs average human height

Our finalist for tallest anime character of all time, and 3rd listing within the Seven Deadly Sins series (man, there’s tall folks in there!), we have Diane standing at an enormous 30 feet tall. Seems almost unfathomable!

Symbolizing the sin of Envy, Diane is undeniably adorable, but she is mightily fierce. She beholds the sacred treasure war hammer Gideon which comes from her giant clan. With her weapon she is able to use her power of creation, which grants her the ability to connect with nature and create out of it.

Diane has fought in a number of battles and posses quite an amount of strength, she has a lot to be proud about and cares deeply for those close to her, but she does wish she was smaller in height.

Now that was an epic journey of anime history, height, heroes, and foes. You’ve got tons more anime knowledge, maybe some you already knew or brand sparking new info!

Whatever the case, perhaps you’ve gained some newfound inspiration for your drawings and stories. Or, if you’re not much on the creative side you can do something cool like go online and see how much taller some of these characters are compared to you, or dive into a new series that was listed!