How To Measure Person's Height with iPhone

While you can use your iPhone to set alerts, alarms, and everything in between, have you ever wondered what other takeaways it comes with? In this article, we will discuss one such takeaway, namely, the ability to measure your height using iPhone.

Currently, you can measure an individual by either clicking their full photo or by leveraging the Measure app. Both are just as simple and will barely take you a few minutes to start and finish. In case you are still worried and are wondering how to measure someone's height with your iPhone, here are some tips to get you started.

How to Measure Person's Height With iPhone

What is the Measure App?

The Measure app is the latest edition from Apple's fleet of measuring tools. The feature operates digitally and it runs on augmented reality technology to transform your iPhone or iPad into a generic measuring tape.

This feature doesn't just help you measure the height of humans, but it also allows you to gauge the different sizes of varying objects across all shapes and sizes. The guides and resources are extremely useful and the functionality also lets you review your recorded measurements.

Using the Measure app to measure someone's height

Every time Apple's Measure app will identify a human in their viewfinder, it will also measure their current height right from the ground to the highest point of their body (which can be their head or hat).

At this point, you might want to tap the shutter option to take the individual's photo along with their height details. Next, you might want to utilize the Markup tool after which you can save or share the image.

How to get an accurate measurement on the Measure app?

If you want the measurement on the Measure app to be accurate, you might want to follow the below guidelines:

  • Make sure the individual you are photographing is surrounded by plenty of light (natural or otherwise).
  • Do not click photos in a dark background as it may not depict the height accurately.
  • Avoid any reflective area.
  • If you want the exact height, ensure that the individual being photographed doesn't have a face covering or any added accessories like sunglasses or hats.
  • While taking the snap, take a step back for the best angle. Unless you do this, you wouldn't get the entire individual in your frame.

Use Guidelines

While the above tips will certainly help you land a perfect photograph, you should also leverage a bunch of additional tools that Apple offers you by default. If you're using an iPad, you would find guidelines every time there is a vertical object. The measurement is accurate and the same applies to the measurement of humans.

Ruler View

In case you are looking to delve deeper into the height specifics of an individual, you might want to use the Rule View option that is available both on iPads and iPhones. As you would probably guess from the name, this feature will add an extra ruler overlay to the usual measurements (inline).

This way, you will get granular details about the person's height. You might want to move your device in proximity to the line measurement to view and access the ruler view. Next, you want to hit the shutter button so that you plan projects judiciously.

Review Measurement History

Yes! You can also use iPhone to review the height or measurement history that you had taken during one or more sessions. This will help you monitor the human dimensions when you measure multiple individuals subsequently. In case you want to start from scratch, you might want to note these measurements from the session in a reliable resource and then make your way forward.

Steps to measure a person's height with iPhone

If you do not want to use the Measure app and want to get someone's height records the old school way, you might want to follow the next set of steps:

  • Set your device in a way so that you get the person in a complete frame, meaning from their head to the toe. Wait it out and you will soon find a line appearing on the head of the person. The height measurement will be available just under the line.
  • Tap the shutter option to grab a quick snap.
  • Next, if you want to save the snap, select the screenshot option in the left-lower area and select Done. You can then save the photos either as a Photo or File format.

The height measurements are readily available with all images, and you can share them as a photo or a file at any point in time. Sharing the photo is just as easy as clicking it. However, if you still encounter doubts or difficulties while clicking the photo and navigating to the height specifications, you might want to check this support resource that will offer you more information on the subject.

How to take back-to-back measurements?

In case you are looking to take multiple measurements on a single go, you might want to turn the iPhone for getting the height reset. This is practically all you need to do to start measuring someone's height from scratch.

Switching units

At times we do not want to measure on the same unit. So, if you are looking to change your measurement unit, navigate to the Settings tab, and click on the Measure option. After this, you will get to select your preferred Measure units.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how exactly to measure someone's height using an iPhone, get set and start measuring them already! Since we listed out some of the simplest tips, we are certain that you would sail through the task. If, however, you still encounter issues, you can always reach out to Siri for that extra support.

Alternatively, you might want to check out Apple's support article about operating Measure. The process is simple, and it'll barely take you a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the concept. For extra support, you can also reach out to Apple's social media handles. They always have a bunch of professionals who readily address your queries including this one.