How To Accurately Measure Your Height At Home

While height is certainly not a defining factor for many, it still feels good to stand tall, mighty, and lofty. This doesn't just boost your self-confidence but also motivates you to meet and accomplish your goal. With that said, always remember that height is not a measure of one's intelligence. Also, if you are short and are still in your formative years, you can always switch to a nutritious diet and a bunch of exercises to improve your growth hormones and get taller.

How to Accurately Measure Your Height at Home

Either way, even before you do any of that, it is important to figure out how to measure your height at home. In this article, we will discuss all that and more in detail. So, if you wanted to measure your height easily and conveniently at home, here's everything you need to know.

How to measure your height without help?

If you are planning to measure your height without any assistance, it might appear quite challenging at the outset. However, you can always follow the below steps to simplify things and make the measurement easier and more convenient. So, here's how you start:

  • First locate any flat, upright object like a piece of a magazine, book, a container, or a rule.
  • Next, get that object right above your head.
  • Now, stand straight keeping your back right on the wall and your feet on the floor.
  • Check the object again and make sure it stands parallel with the surface you are standing on. You can conveniently do this if you are practicing this before a mirror.
  • Next, get a pencil to mark the part where the object had touched the wall right above your head.
  • Finally, get a measuring tape and measure the entire thing starting from the marking to the below surface.

As a rule of thumb, you should always remove all types of accessories including shoes, headgear, etc. before you stand up for measurement. Unless you do this, you won't get accurate measurement numbers.

Next, you should also make sure that your feet are flat, and your back is erect and upright. Do not slouch or try to extend your body above as it might result in multiple inaccuracies.

Measuring your height with a Stadiometer

If you are planning to measure your height with a Stadiometer, that would be even easier. You can easily find this tool at your local doctor's institution or a fitness center. Ideally, we recommend using digital Stadiometers as they tend to offer more accuracy in terms of results.

We recommend choosing stadiometers that are crafted from rulers and feature sliding headpieces. This way, you can make easier adjustments especially when you are fixing the upper part of your head. If you are unsure about using this device, you can always ask your fitness consultant or physician to help measure the height on your behalf.

Things to keep in mind while measuring your height with a Stadiometer

If you are planning to measure your height with a Stadiometer, it is crucial to follow a bunch of guidelines. In case you are wondering what they are, here's a summary:

  • Remove all accessories including shoes, socks, or any other protective leg gear. The same applies to headgears. Unless you do this, you wouldn't get the ideal measurement.
  • While getting rid of the headgear, make sure you work on your hair as well. Do not wear any headband or high ponytails.

How to measure your height with a Stadiometer?

Now that you are done with the basics, it's time to stand on the platform of the stadiometer.

  • Make sure you stand upright and your back directly touches the wall and your feet are together.
  • Try to be as upright as possible so that your feet touch the bottom surface, and your heels and entire posterior region touch the wall. Avoid putting out your chin and try to look straight.
  • After this, you need to check the arm (horizontal) of your stadiometer and make sure that it rests right above you.
  • Remember that this arm is flexible and can be either switched up or down. Additionally, you also need to make sure that the stadiometer's arm stands perpendicular to the bottom surface.
  • Once you are done adjusting, step away from the stadiometer's arm. This is the time to check your measurement.

At this point, you can view your height at the stadiometer pole. Check the arrow that points to the base of the stadiometer's arm. If you are using a digital stadiometer, the height will be directly displayed on the screen.

Use apps to measure your height

You can use multiple apps to get an accurate measurement of your height. You will typically find these apps in Android Store and Apple Store. With that said, Apple's Measure app is an excellent tool to measure your height accurately.

All you need to do is install the app and follow the instructions to measure someone's height. The process is fairly simple because all you need to do is stand within the camera frame for an accurate analysis of your height.

Apple's in-built camera too measures your height accurately if you turn on the settings to measure height. This is just as simple as with the Measure app because you simply need to stand before the camera frame and Apple will automatically assign you a height, thanks to its Virtual reality powered solution. The measurements are accurate and using both the app and the camera feature is extremely easy.

The best part: Apple also gives you a historic record of all the measurements you had taken. This is an especially useful feature if you are looking to track and monitor your child's height.

Bottom Line

Well, that's all you practically need to do to measure your height at home. Since we elaborated on all the steps, we are certain that you will have an easy time navigating through and following them. Because we have listed the different ways you can measure your height at home, you can always pick your favorite and start with it right away!