Top 10 Countries With The Tallest Average Height

While height is often deemed to be a predetermined aspect of life, certain scholars also attribute the quality of life and lifestyle as contributing factors. But despite much deliberation, we don't exactly know what affects an individual's height.

Is it the environment? Are hormones a crucial factor? Or are there non-genetic reasons as well? While we don't have an answer to all those questions, we certainly have a list of the tallest countries across the globe.

Top 10 Countries With The Tallest Average Height

In the following sections of this article, you will find a list of the top 10 countries that have the tallest height average. So, if you ever wanted to know which countries stand out, here's a quick list.

10. Luxemburg (5.9 ft)

With an average height of 5.9 feet, Luxembourg manages to stand at our 10th spot. Interestingly enough, both men and women in the country boast an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches. While genes may be one of the biggest contributing factors here. Other crucial parameters could be high nutrition and the overall clean environment that further boost and improve the growth hormones during formative years. The country promotes breastfeeding which again helps overall height.

9. Slovenia (5.9 ft)

Located along the Dinaric Alps, Slovenia stands out as the ninth country with the tallest average height. The country has always boasted a tall lot of men and women and the trend has continued in 2022 as well. While gene pool is one of the biggest contributors, in this case, another equally remarkable factor would be the Slovenian diet. Most Slovenians prefer a perfect balance of meat along with other forms of protein which may contribute to their growth and height.

8. Czech Republic (5.9 ft)

This is yet another country that stands out with an impressive height of 5.9 feet. The country has consistently produced tall inhabitants and as with the other countries featured on our list, there seems to be no stopping. There is a common joke about how fast a group of Croatian ministers can fill a room because of their sheer height. Even though gene pool continues to be a contributing factor, equality in the level of income is deemed as yet another major reason why the country produces such tall folks.

7. Croatia (5.92 ft)

With an average height of 5.92 ft, Croatia stands the seventh place in 2022. Both males and females in the country seem to exhibit the same height and the cause of this is typically attributed to the genes of the individuals. It is worth noting that Slovenia, Croatia is yet another contender from Dinaric Alps which seems to boast an impressive gene pool. Given two back-to-back contenders from the same region, we are confident that the gene pool of the Dinaric alps has a crucial factor to play. This is the same reason you will find a bunch of athletic rockstars from the region.

6. Germany (5.93 ft)

When it comes to size, Germany is by far one of the largest countries with a population that has long crossed 80 million. With a country of that size, it might often be seemingly complex to manage a consistently good lifestyle. However, Germany succeeds in this department by offering an exceptional standard of living along with a bunch of social reforms that are geared to support the health and higher education of the masses. The best part: they also focus on environmental reforms and green policies. So, despite its high and burgeoning population rate, Germany continues to stand out with its high average of 5.93 ft in both men and women.

5. Serbia (5.97 feet)

While Serbia may not excel in multiple departments, there is one area where it single-handedly stands out. For the uninitiated, we are talking about the average height of Serbians which is an impressive 5.97 feet. Even though chaos prevails in the country, and it is currently witnessing a dwindling population growth rate, the height continues to be at an all-time high with the gene pool being a contributing factor.

4. Norway (5.98 feet)

Norway is an impressive country, not just for its height but also for its rock-solid economy. The country has been thoroughly democratic with a high quality of life, consistent social progress, low wage gaps, increasing GDP, and several other positive factors. The education system in the country is just as strong with free public education further supported by free health care. The country sits at the lap of natural bounties and Norwegians, thanks to their impressive quality of life, continue to excel in the height department.

3. Denmark (5.99 feet)

With an average height of 5.99 feet, Denmark is one of the top three countries with the tallest populace across the globe. Besides the evident gene pool, certain environmental factors have been considered the biggest cause of such lofty height in the country. Denmark is also a rich country, and its inhabitants are best known for their excellent looks.

2. Montenegro (6.01 feet)

While Montenegro, like its other European counterparts boasts an impressive quality of life, you don't get to hear much about the country. This is mainly because of the small population within the nation and several records indicate that the current population in the country is less than a million. Over the last couple of years, the country has improved its tourism department because of which several new tourists have discovered the parts. Tourism has also improved the nation's overall public insights and total GDP. Even though the country is still transitioning, they have an excellent foundation set forward.

1. Netherlands (6.03 feet)

The Netherlands tops our list with its average height of 6.03 feet among both males and females. The country also has plenty to offer starting from an exceptionally growing agricultural segment to a social sphere that supports multiple liberal policies. For the uninitiated, the Netherlands was among the first nations to officiate and regulate gay weddings. The country also boasts an impressive healthcare segment which further contributes to its beautiful and ever-blooming quality of life.