Avatar Height Comparison

As excited as we were to see the latest Avatar film, one question that fans have is how tall these human-like sentient creatures are. And fortunately for you, we will be answering this exact question today by comparing all the top casts.

Despite being very similar to humans, the Na’vi Avatars clearly have superior bodies in terms of strength. Above all, their average height is easily double the average of human beings. Their minds are also developed in such a way that they can understand the animals that live on Pandora.

Yet, just like humans, avatars also vary in height, strength, intelligence, and so on. Not to mention, it’s been discussed frequently that the average height has been knocked off at least a foot from its original height.

Hence, we have tried our best to put out the most accurate information for you. So without further ado, here are the heights of the top 10 casts in the Avatar film series.

Jake Sully

Height (approx.)

8’11” (272 cm)

Played by

Sam Worthington 5’10”

Jake, loved by all the fans as well as the indigenous people of Pandora, is one of the main characters of the Avatar film series. Although Jake himself is paraplegic, meaning he has paralysis in his lower body, he still manages to show his skills in his Avatar form.

Being a former recon marine, Jake’s ability to understand things on a deeper level allows him to quickly learn the lifestyle of Avatars. Whereas his agility and acuteness with the bow and arrow make him a lethal warrior.

Nonetheless, despite being one of the tallest Avatars, Jake doesn’t completely rely on his sheer strength and instead prefers tactical thinking during combat.


Height (approx.)

8’7” (262 cm)

Played by

Zoe Saldaña 5’7”

Moving toward Jake’s wife, Neytiri is around 3 inches shorter than her husband. Nonetheless, she is one of Pandora's most formidable warriors, adept at using the bow and arrow.

In addition, she is also skilled with her knife and often manages to sneak around her enemies. Yet, when it comes to close combat, she is not to be taken lightly, as she’s proven her strength once by defeating the pack of viper wolves that attacked Jake.

Similarly, Neytiri also knows how to ride a flyer. And let’s not forget, she also taught Jake the ways of the Omatikaya, turning him into a skilled Avatar.

Miles Quaritch

Height (approx.)

9’5” (287 cm)

Played by

Stephen Lang 5’10”

While Quaritch's human body is not on this list, his Recon body under Project Phoenix may make him the tallest Avatar so far. Standing almost 10 feet tall, he turns out to be a huge threat to the protagonists, despite dying at the age of 51.

Moreover, his duplicated consciousness is put into a 20-year-old Recom and made the commander of the 1st Recom Squad. Nevertheless, this giant of a beast is set on taking down Jake for his betrayal against the RDA.

Also, fans need to keep in mind how Quaritch is claimed to have survived three tours of Nigeria without a scratch. So, it was certain his avatar would be a deadly opponent.


Height (approx.)

9’7” (292 cm)

Played by

Cliff Curtis 6’0”

Moving toward the leader of the Metkayina clan, Tonowari is another Avatar highly respected by his clan. In fact, his bravery was put to the test when the Sully family arrived, bringing forth the chaos of the RDA. But, Tonowari still took them in and hid them, proving his courage.

Likewise, being a man of ideals and returning the same respect to his clanmates, he also values discipleship among his family. For instance, he even makes his son Ao’nung apologize to Lo’ak after putting his life in danger.

Nevertheless, despite Tonowari’s greatness, he still values the opinions of his wife, Ronal, whom we’ll be talking about next.


Height (approx.)

8’7” (262 cm)

Played by

Kate Winslet 5’5”

Like most Na’vi avatars, Ronal is strong and wise. Most importantly, she often helps her husband make decision since she thinks more rationally. At the same time, she also takes care of her family as a housewife.

Certainly, fans were completely taken away to see her fight, even when she was pregnant. And as mentioned before, she might offer vision to her husband while making decisions. But at the same time, even if Tonorwari doesn’t agree with her, she understands it.

Well, we can all agree Tonorwari and Ronal’s relationship is a really special one.


Height (approx.)

8’7” (262 cm)

Played by

CCH Pounder 5’5”

Perhaps the first Na’vi Avatar to contact any human, Mo’at is best known for her great knowledge. Besides being a proficient healer, she also knows the ritual to transfer a human’s consciousness permanently into their respective Avatar bodies.

Nonetheless, Mo’at was also the first Avatar to lose a member of her family to the RDA. To clarify, her daughter Sylwanin’s death also caused her to close the school where Grace Augustine was teaching about humans.

Standing over 8 feet 7 inches tall, Mo’at is one of the tallest female Avatars in the entire film series.


Height (approx.)

9’3” (281 cm)

Played by

Laz Alonso 5’12”

The finest warrior of the Omatikaya clan, with one of the saddest endings in the Avatar film series, Tsu’tey led the Na’vi against the RDA forces. Although there’s not much information about his height, it’s believed he is taller than Jake, making him about 9 feet, 3 inches tall.

Initially, Tsu’tey was known to be an arrogant, merciless warrior, often sneering at Jake whenever he made the simplest mistake. However, before dying, he tells Jake that he has always thought of him as a brother and dies proudly.

Not to mention, Tsu’tey’s loyalty to his clan was never questioned, even in the worst moments.


Height (approx.)

7’7” (232 cm)

Played by

Britain Dalton 5’8”

Moving toward the newer generation of Na’vi avatars, Lo’ak is Jake and Neytiri’s son. Despite only being 14 years old, he stands around 7 feet, 7 inches tall. Further, Lo’ak is a kind boy who’s also inherited a little bit of his father’s stubbornness and recklessness.

Nonetheless, Lo’ak is half human and half avatar, having five fingers instead of four as well as eyebrows. Consequently, his mixed nature has often turned him into an outcast since neither the Na’ni nor the humans fully accept him.

However, fortunately, he does find a comfortable place in the Metkayina clan after befriending Payakan and Tsireya.

Lyle Wainfleet

Height (approx.)

9’3” (280 cm)

Played by

Matt Gerald 5’11”

Working for the RDA and being a SecOps corporal, Lyle receives a Recom under Project Phoenix. As you might remember, we never got to see him talk much, as he let his superiors do the talking during meetings.

Meanwhile, Lyle gradually acquired Na'vi characteristics after receiving a recom. Although he stayed loyal to Quaritch and the RDA till the end, we did get to see a small degree of compassion in him when his commanding officer threatened an unarmed Na’vi woman while interrogating Jake’s location.

Just like all the deadly Recom Avatars, Lyle is really tall, and his strength is extraordinary.


Height (approx.)

8’2” (262 cm)

Played by

Jamies Flatters 5’9”

Being the eldest child of Jake and Neytiri, Neteyam grows up bearing the burden of always being perfect. In fact, Jake’s command for him to always put his siblings before himself ultimately becomes a reality as he gets shot while trying to save his family.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to learn much about Neteyam, as he’s constantly on the run, trying to escape from the RDA. However, things might have taken a whole different turn if he had made it out alive.

Above all, Neteyam was a tall guy for his age, and he could have grown taller if time supported him.

In this way, we wrap up our list of Avatar height comparisons, including the top 10 actors of the entire film series. And as you might have noticed, the reason the enlisted heights here are less than 10 feet is because it seems like the new movie drastically knocked it off.


Often, the physical measurements of fictional characters that appear in comics, books, and films, can turn out to be different depending on the platform on which we are seeing them. And seeing how the heights have decreased in the latest movie, it might be confusing to find the real height on the internet.


Hence, make sure to think wisely before completely believing who the tallest Avatars might be. After all, these sentient beings are almost double the height of average human beings. Also, make sure you are having fun learning more about them, as these creatures are worth reading about.


Whereas we will always be available to you if you have any questions that you would like to have answered. So, stay tuned and have a great day!

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